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Physical education and health

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  • wheeoffortunetemplate This is a Wheel of Fortune Template for your classroom. Interactive widgets has been inserted to simulate the spinning of the wheel. This is a great way to introduce vocabulary concepts or review with the class as a competition. Check out this template and get ready to spin the wheel! Enjoy! (Directions and explanations are included)
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  • 03.12.14
  • Biscuits This activity shows images of cookies and possible ingredients. Children consider whether ingredients used to add flavor affect whether or not a product will be healthy.
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  • 13.10.11
  • Dance This activity presents what constitutes dance and shows how dance may be influenced by lots of other factors such as music, tempo and emotion.
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  • 29.09.11
  • Sports This lesson shows images of different sports equipment and asks children to name the sport they are used for.
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  • 29.09.11
  • Polly This lesson shows that fruit and vegetables are an important part of a healthy balanced diet.
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  • 29.09.11
  • Medicine This lesson focuses on the role that medicine has played in history and explores the differences in health and disease in the past compared to today.
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  • 29.09.11
  • Physical education This lesson shows what constitutes PE and sports. It highlights that there are health and enjoyment benefits in taking part in PE.
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  • 27.09.11
  • Ideas map - The heart This lesson displays an idea or mind map of the human heart. See if students can add their own thoughts to expand on this topic.
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  • 01.09.11
  • Football match This lesson can be used to help students structure a presentation about a particular topic. It shows how words and pictures can be used to move a presentation on.
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  • 30.08.11