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  • Adding -ed A lesson focusing on adding -ed to words to describe things done in the past.
    138.36 KB
  • Free
  • 14.12.10
  • Ancient Egyptians buildings A lesson focusing on the Ancient Egyptians. It compares photographs of modern Egypt and discusses how the environment would have affected life for the ancient Egyptians.
    823.17 KB
  • Free
  • 17.04.12
  • Athletics 1 This lesson asks children to make a mind map of the activities involved in athletics and encourages them to sample them.
    227.14 KB
  • Free
  • 06.01.11
  • Athletics 3 This activity asks children to look at their own performance in athletics and to consider how to improve it.
    220.21 KB
  • Free
  • 07.01.11
  • Bug alert A lesson focusing on ordering objects according to size by direct comparison.
    577.68 KB
  • Free
  • 14.12.10
  • Building blocks A lesson focusing on measuring using uniform non-standard units and making comparisons based on those measurements.
    780.16 KB
  • Free
  • 14.12.10
  • Bullying This activity looks at what actions constitute bullying and asks children to consider how to deal with bullying.
    273.35 KB
  • Free
  • 13.01.11
  • Change A lesson focusing on how and why places change and how the places we live in now may change in the future.
    471.99 KB
  • Free
  • 13.10.11