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  • Apple tree math Use the apple tree to teach subtraction, which is much more difficult for the children than addition. On the first page, we've started with 10 apples, and 2 fell off the tree, leaving 8. Have the children tell stories, and write the number sentences next to the tree. This activity was kindly submitted by Nadene Mathes of Atwood Primary School, Oakland, Maine.
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  • 11.05.11
  • Do the sums This lesson focuses on solving problems quickly by using a range of mental calculation strategies.
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  • 20.12.11
  • tenframe K-2 Math often uses a tenframe with red and yellow counters to demonstrate math concepts of "making ten", "ten plus extras" and is also helpful when solving word problems.
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  • 12.04.12
  • Math review A review of math facts, including estimating, place value, and writing a rule for a set of numbers. Kindly submitted by a teacher in Shrewsbury, MA.
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  • 06.10.11