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Visual arts

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  • wheeoffortunetemplate This is a Wheel of Fortune Template for your classroom. Interactive widgets has been inserted to simulate the spinning of the wheel. This is a great way to introduce vocabulary concepts or review with the class as a competition. Check out this template and get ready to spin the wheel! Enjoy! (Directions and explanations are included)
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  • 03.12.14
  • Spot the difference This lesson presents two images, the second slightly different to the first. It is aimed at improving a child's ability to look carefully at an image and recall details within it.
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  • 29.09.11
  • Mixing colours This lesson presents the primary and secondary colors and displays them on a color wheel. Children predict what color is made when two colors are mixed together.
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  • 29.09.11
  • Mobiles This lesson shows children that art can be 2D or 3D and that it doesn't have to be static. Children produce their own mobile design.
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  • 29.09.11
  • Shapes A lesson focusing on some basic 2D shapes and how using lots of different shapes together allows us to create complex pictures.
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  • 29.09.11
  • Colour mixing This lesson shows what happens when two colors are mixed. Explore and discuss reasons for the outcome.
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  • 30.08.11
  • Rotating objects This lesson explores the notion of symmetry by looking at some ordinary objects and rotating them to see if they have symmetry.
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  • 15.08.11
  • Making rectangles This lesson explores the rectangle shape, asking pupils to construct rectangles using existing shapes.
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  • 12.08.11
  • KS2 Art - Picture This By the end of this lesson students will recognize and identify some paintings by famous artists from the past. Kindly submitted by RM Education in the US.
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  • 09.08.11
  • Matching music to images This is an interactive which allows students to mix sounds and images together to explore how different associations can produce different results.
    574.96 KB
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  • 30.03.11
  • Shape cloning This is an interactive activity focused on testing students' understanding of shape and space.
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  • 23.03.11
  • Mixing paint This is an interactive activity which looks at what happens when you mix different paint colors together. This activity was created using Fuse Creator. For more information see www.fusecreator.com
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  • 08.02.11
  • Perspective This lesson explains the meaning of perspective in art and shows the effect it has on the relative size of objects.
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  • 29.09.10