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  • wheeoffortunetemplate This is a Wheel of Fortune Template for your classroom. Interactive widgets has been inserted to simulate the spinning of the wheel. This is a great way to introduce vocabulary concepts or review with the class as a competition. Check out this template and get ready to spin the wheel! Enjoy! (Directions and explanations are included)
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  • 03.12.14
  • Patterns Students learn how to make simple patterns; they create 2 and 3 attribute patterns using clipart and shapes.
    447.82 KB
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  • 18.02.13
  • 3D Shapes INTRO Students learn the names of simple 3D shapes and match names to the shapes.
    7.6 MB
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  • 18.02.13
  • Sequences from Algebraic Rules This Easibook introduces generating a sequence of numbers using a simple algebraic rule. An expression is given for the general term of the sequence.
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  • 09.05.12