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  • multimediabankmovienotes The MultiMedia Resource Bank contains folders that breaks down images into specific area. This resource shows how to create customized folders that will integrate easier ways to find resources when creating pages for your units of study. Enjoy!
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  • Free
  • 15.05.12
  • actions and effects An introduction to using the actions and effects features within Easiteach through the production of a 'What am I?' game.
  • Free
  • 11.03.11
  • # An example lesson activity demonstrating Easiteach's spotlight mode feature. Spotlight mode allows you to create a spotlight focus on specific areas of the screen.
  • Free
  • 25.02.11
  • Handwriting and Shape Recognition tutorial Write words or draw shapes freehand and the writing and shape recognition tools within Easiteach Next Generation will recognize your markings. Shape recognition is only supported on Windows.
  • Free
  • 23.12.10