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  • Magnetic This activity was kindly submitted by Selena Woodward at Teachertechnologies.com
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  • 06.05.11
  • Science - digestion This lesson focuses on how food is broken down by digestion so it can be used by the body for energy, growth and repair.
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  • 06.12.10
  • Separating materials In this lesson, pupils will learn that solids or liquids with different properties can be separated by making use of the differences in their properties.
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  • 03.12.10
  • Investigation - thirsty plants A lesson focusing on helping plants grow well. It develops the children's understanding of the role of the root in transporting water to parts of the plant.
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  • 08.11.10
  • Investigation - seeing in the dark A lesson focusing on light and dark, in particular what colours can be seen better in the dark. It also enables the children to understand the distinction between total darkness and dimly lit conditions.
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  • 08.11.10
  • Investigation - save the fish A lesson focusing on evaporation. The lesson also provides an opportunity for children to carry out a fair test investigation and to communicate their findings using the writing genre of newspapers.
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  • 08.11.10