The content portal for RM curriculum software

RM Easilearn is an online space that you can regularly visit to download resources, get latest product updates, share ideas with other users and view video tutorials designed to help you get the most out of RM Education software products. 


Search and browse resources to support your use of RM Easiteach Next Generation, RM Easirespond, and RM Dance to Advance.


You will find a range of content on the website and the aim is to constantly add new resources and activities over time. You can use these examples straight away, or you can adapt them as you see fit. You may also like to use them as inspiration to go on and create your own activities. We’d love you to submit content that you have created for other teachers to use freely. The more content you upload onto the site, the greater the range of varied, stimulating and flexible interactive resources will be available to all. In this way, RM Easilearn will be an ever-evolving site, providing an increasingly richer and more engaging service to teachers.


Please check back regularly to RM Easilearn to access new resources and activities for each of our curriculum software products.

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Article Id: 15674 | Date published: 27/1/2011