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  • Science - colour A lesson focusing on the primary and secondary colours of light explaining why objects appear to be a particular colour in different colours of light.
    9.62 MB
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  • 05.11.10
  • Mixing colours This lesson presents the primary and secondary colours and displays them on a colour wheel. Children predict what colour is made when two colours are mixed together.
    355.95 KB
  • Free
  • 20.12.10
  • Die Haustiere Lesson presenting pets. Whole class activity to practise different pets. How to say which pets you have and which you would like.
    4.18 MB
  • Free
  • 12.11.12
  • die Stadt Activities to practise places in town. Two different matching activities and a template for using the accusative to say what places are in your town.
    5.13 MB
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  • 12.11.12