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  • Who is RM Easilearn for?

    Easilearn is for teachers around the world.  By submitting and downloading activities teachers can share ideas and lessons that help them get the most out of RM products.


  • How do search for resources in RM Easilearn?

    The RM Easilearn search can be found at the top of each page on the site.

    1. Type the keyword or keywords that you are searching with into the box next to the purple “Search” button.

    2. Select one option from "All words", "Any words" or "Exact phrase".

    3. Click on the "Search" button on the right hand side of the box.

    You can refine the results of your search further by using the "Advanced Search" option on the right hand side of the page and following the instructions on that page.


  • What do the video tutorials cover?

    The video tutorials cover many of the key Easiteach features. As Easiteach develops we will continue to add new tutorials to this area.


  • When I submit a resource where does it go?

    When you submit a resource it is sent to our team at RM who moderate submissions.  Once it has been checked it will appear on the site.